• Daruma


    The Daruma, bringing asymmetrical balance to photos and goals alike. Read more
  • Gear Mesh

    Gear Mesh

    16 rows of 6-gear rings, all rotating at different speeds, all with physics, lighting, and animation, all done within Maya. Read more
  • Japanese Block Love

    Japanese Block Love

    Traditional Japanese toys in a traditional Japanese room; fully modeled, textured, and rendered in Maya. Read more
  • Video Game Showdown

    Video Game Showdown

    Retro-style poster for a campus-wide video game showdown! Read more
  • Western PSA

    Western PSA

    A Public Service Announcement set to a lively old-western tune. Read more
  • Diversity Board

    Diversity Board

    Posters for Diversity Week, a campus and community wide event. Read more
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